Daily Meds Thursday, September 19

Stop trying to dam the river of life. Taking physical control of the water seems like the wise thing to do; after all, it can rage and devastate if left unchecked. But you must learn to embrace the chaos of nature. The flow of time continues despite your mental rumination; opposing it causes anxiety and fear because, subconsciously, your spirit knows that you are attempting to do the impossible. Dissolving resistance to life itself will greatly alleviate the burden of navigation that we as humans hold so dear, but take the metaphor a step further. You are more than a runaway raft at the mercy of the river, and you are even more than the captain of the vessel. To truly embrace life and become one with its mysterious affectations, you must embrace your role as the river itself. Your life continues to flow daily, in many typical, carved out ways, at the universal behest of forces beyond your control; but every now and again the water rises and new journeys begin. Often your river finds and joins with another river, and tributaries are formed. Embrace the movement, embrace the flow. Hitting a dam will feel exactly how you would imagine.