Daily Meds Thursday, September 26

You are a human being, which means you exist as a continual process. Such a realization can severely scare fresh young minds coming to terms with their existence for the first time. Absolutely nothing about you is stagnant; the body was divinely engineered to move energy constantly through your system whether you consciously permit it or not. Your conscious mind, full of fear, doubt, and worry, will try your whole life to slow the process, assess the situation, come up with a solution in a language you understand. This is the root cause of suffering, and many believe a precursor to disease, fatigue, and deterioration. Perhaps think of the conscious mind as your car’s touch screen computer—all decisions must at some point pass through it for assessment, but the computer doesn’t actually power the car. In fact, car engines are designed to keep working despite a failure to your onboard navigation, sensors, or sound system. Your subconscious mind actually powers the car as the engine, and much of what it decides to do cannot be fully governed or even understood by the conscious mind computer. By thrusting your conscious mind to the forefront of your life, you are actively trying to cause friction between two parts of the car that were made to function in harmony. Performing scheduled maintenance on the engine is still of utmost importance (hypnosis, meditation, breathing, visualizations, etc.), but to attain any sort of peace in your life, you absolutely must allow the engine to drive your life. Programming a preferred destination is certainly encouraged, as this is the essence of ambition, but trying to make your conscious mind, the computer, the source of all power in your life will only lead to perpetual problems. Therefore we have stumbled upon another great paradox of life: to fully take control of your course, you must first relinquish control of it.