Daily Meds Friday, September 27

The human mind cannot fully process the concept of total satisfaction. Because we are mortal, and therefore destructible, our minds must spend a great deal of time and resource protecting the body and ensuring survival. As an organ, it is responsible for regulating thousands of processes, none of which is your general sense of satisfaction. Imagine being mad at your liver for not secreting enough of a certain enzyme. It sounds crazy, and no sane person goes through life obsessing about their organs, except of course matters of the brain. But again, the brain is just a machine, and it simply outputs whatever you input. Putting yourself in as many situations possible that could create positive outcomes, and therefore allowing the brain to secrete reward hormones, is the true essence of happiness, which is just a chemical response to a world that temporarily makes sense. You were never meant to think about happiness, you were meant to live a life that creates it. Satisfaction is the feeling of accomplishment, not the accomplishment itself. Put yourself in position for the brain to reward you, because ultimately it doesn’t know any better.